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APT launches its Prueba Premier Program!

Almario Physio Team launches its Prueba Premier Program under its Physiare Brand.

Here is a sneak peak of the innovative machines:

The Vacuum Treadmill uses vacuum and infrared therapy which pulls the blood, nutrition and oxygen to your legs. With our VT, you will use half the effort to burn up to 500-1000 calories per session.

The Rehab Capsule can give you 100% assistance to achieve your goal whether flexibility or strength. The Capsule heats up to 100 deg Fahrenheit or 36.6 deg Celsius to promote blood flow (100% of your) all over the body to loosen up the muscle and joints while you perform the exercises.

The Rehab Roller is a deep tissue massage roller with infrared heating. The machine is time efficient, and it conserves energy and it improves tightness, circulation and cellulite.

All these innovations and technology from the US is now here at Almario Physio Team, Infinity clinic.

For schedule inquiries on the Prueba Premier Program,

reach us at: ‎(028) 776 4977/ ‎0977 831 3424

Avail 10 sessions get 2 free for the month of March 2019 only.

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