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Almario Physio Team celebrates its Masquerade-themed Christmas party!

Almario Physio Team family photo

Last December 15, 2018, Almario Physio Team dazzled the Philippine Navy Golf Club Fort Bonifacio where everyone from our team dressed in formal masquerade attire. Everyone exerted their best effort in performing the themes of: Phantom of the Opera, Moulin Rouge, Queen & the Greatest Showman.

The Infinity branch won this year's station ID and the Mckinley Park Residences AM branch blew everyone else's performance away with their rendition of Moulin Rouge

Miss Jago & Mister Rodriguez won the Masquerade Queen & King of the Night.

Everyone went home happy due to the good food, great ambiance, overflowing alcohol & overwhelming gifts we all received from pur dear CEO, Miss Ayeza during the celebration. The team is rejuvenated and reinvigorated to tackle this 2019. - APT S&M

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