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Posture Medic was developed as a rehabilitation tool by Gabriel Burrell, a personal trainer, strength coach and rehab specialist. Posture Medic was designed to combine the range of exercises and movements that are normally prescribed for shoulder and upper back stiffness, impingements and injuries - but in a single form that replaces the typical multiple pieces of equipment used in rehab.


The posture medic is beneficial during the fifth to eighth session of our Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction program & second to fifth session of our Toning program

APT's TMD program is unique to APT since not many PT clinics have specialization around the joint of the jaw. The program is focused on patients that experiences jaw and upper back pain and clicking during jaw opening. This program will also be addressing jaw biomechanics correction in order to provide a long term solution to TMJ dysfunction.

The Vitalis program is a 12-session body sculpting program developed by Physical Therapists. The program is a combination of machine slimming procedures and exercises for weight management and muscle toning. The program can also optimize the effects of fat removal procedures. All sessions are performed by a Physical Therapy Specialist to help patients get the shape they want in the healthiest and most comfortable way.

Posture Medic - Postural Correction

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