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The Stabilizer, designed by physiotherapists, is a simple device which registers changing pressure in an air filled pressure cell. This allows body movement, especially spinal movement, to be detected during exercise. The unit consists of a combined gauge and inflation bulb connected to a pressure cell. 


The Stabilizer is principally used for exercises that focus on the protection and stabilization of the joints. Research has shown these types of exercise are especially important for the prevention and treatment of low back and neck pain (of various pathologies). The Stabilizer is used to monitor and provide biofeedback during exercise. This promotes effective exercise to improve back and neck pain. 

The deep muscle system in the lumbar spine and pelvic region is directly responsible for stabilizing the vertebral segments and sacro-iliac joints. In order to retrain the deep muscles, specific exercise and overactive testing with the Strabilizer is beneficial.

This treatment aid is beneficial after your first Toning session and at the fifth & eighth session of our Back Care program to provide relief on

The Vitalis program is a 12-session body sculpting program developed by Physical Therapists. The program is a combination of machine slimming procedures and exercises for weight management and muscle toning. The program can also optimize the effects of fat removal procedures. All sessions are performed by a Physical Therapy Specialist to help patients get the shape they want in the healthiest and most comfortable way.

The Back Care program is a comprehensive program for low back pain that treats the lower back area up to the lower extremities, focusing on improving strength, stability, and flexibility. It uses a combination of pain modalities and manual therapy techniques to make sure that recovery from back pain is as fast and comfortable.

Stabilizer - Pressure Bio-feedback

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